Tool Monitor Adaptive Control (TMAC)Tool Monitor Adaptive Control (TMAC)

The TMAC system provides essential protection for CNC machines. The system collects data during the cutting stages.
This allows for substantial increases in tool life, and minimizes downtime to replace tools. Since tools are measured for wear, parts are not fabricated using out of specification tools and improper parts are not fabricated in the first place. As a tool loses its proper cutting edge the machine requires increased power to fabricate the part, and this can easily be measured by the TMAC system.

Adaptive control allows cycle times to be reduced and makes the cutting condition ideal.

TMAC for a Single Process is a basic strategy.

The tool is measured for wear constantly. This means there are less broken tools and out of production machines. Feed rates are controlled by the Adaptive control so that the spindle provides efficient and constant motor power for the best cycle times.

TMAC for Multi Process installations is an industry priority.

Machines are fitted with accelerometers and tool sensors that can even reduce attended operation. Now machines can have multiple tools cutting simultaneously. Tools are constantly monitored. Coordination of the process means that the entire machine stops and retracts in the event of a tool break to minimize damage. Sensitivity ranges down to .001 hp for small tools are possible. The TMAC system includes a remote display and notifications of machine alarms.

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