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SmartLightCaron Engineering SmartLight

Know what your machines are doing with this fully customizable status light solution from Caron Engineering, brought to you by Newman M2M. The CEI SmartLight is designed to provide a quick and easy means of assessing a machine’s status.

The SmartLight is ideal for indicating the progress of a part being machined. It works with nearly all existing CNC controls, supports control via PLC (programmable logic controller) and is RS232 compatible. Each SmartLight features eight 24 volt sourcing inputs making them an ideal replacement for your existing 24V I/O stacklights.

The CEI SmartLight can be mounted virtually anywhere on a machine and features 5 vivid colors: red, green, blue, yellow, and white. Each SmartLight can store up to 255 custom modes, which are programmable via USB.

Each mode can make use of the following mode types:

SmartLight: One Color ModeOne Color Mode

The SmartLight displays one color that can blink or stay solid. This is useful for replacing existing machine status lights.

SmartLight: Segment ModeSegment Mode

In this mode the SmartLight can be split into 5 segments. Each segment can be any of the 5 colors and can blink, flash or remain solid.

SmartLight: Level ModeLevel Mode

This mode turns the SmartLight into a progress/level indicator, more lights can be lit depending on the current level or progress of a machine. Can be one of any of the five available colors.

SmartLight: Run Light ModeRun Light Mode

This mode is useful for special indications and allows any foreground color to run/pulse over any background color.

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