AutoComp: PC Based Control of Your ToolsPC Based Control of Your Tools

Newman M2M brings you AutoComp from Caron Engineering. AutoComp is a software solution that automatically handles tool wear compensation. It processes gauge data and uses this information to update the tool offsets automatically, providing error free tool control that eliminates operator data entry errors.

The key features of AutoComp are:

  • Data Collection from Wireless Gauging Devices
  • PartView
  • Maintains Tolerances for Machined Parts
  • Reports to the Operator When a Tool Change is Needed
  • Reports Historical Wear Measurements

Data Collection from Wireless Gauging Devices

The use of Wi-Fi enabled devices allows operators to perform key measurements while simultaneously transmitting the data to the software. AutoComp interoperates this data and automatically compensates the tool offsets without having to manually enter the data. This makes the data-entry process much more efficient and helps eliminate data entry errors.

AutoComp natively supports a wide range of measuring equipment including: Coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs), digital tooling, gauge fixtures with linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), laser micrometers, vision systems and wireless gauge devices. We can even develop custom drivers for the software to read data from virtually any kind of electronic measuring equipment.


AutoComp PartViewPartView is a special feature of the AutoComp software that makes reading the offset status easier and more intuitive by displaying the associated dimension data superimposed over a photograph of your actual parts. You can import any JPG image straight into AutoComp and label the image to indicate which areas are to be measured for deviation. PartView makes it easy for operators to identify which areas of the part will be compensated.

Maintains Tolerances for Machined Parts

AutoComp uses statistics based upon a running average governed by preset tolerance and compensation limits to automatically control the offsets of your tooling. This will help ensure your machined parts are always fall within acceptable tolerances.

Reports to the Operator When a Tool Change is Needed

As soon as a certain tool has been automatically compensated to a level more than the user defined threshold AutoComp issues a wear-limit. This is a notification that inform the operator that a tool change is required. AutoComp can also be configured to send a signal to the CNC control to have a redundant tool automatically called and/or to stop the machine before the next cycle.

Reports Historical Wear Measurements

AutoComp compiles all measurement and compensation data is to a local file. Each piece of data is marked with the date and time to allow for future analysis of historical data. Operators will also receive real-time information about the useful life for each tool.

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