If you’re looking to incorporate M2M technology into your business systems, you may have some questions. Below you will find answers to common questions concerning our products. If you have any further questions feel free to Contact Us.

What is M2M?

M2M, which stands for Machine-to-Machine, is a field of technology that enables machines to communicate with one another in order to promote increased operating efficiency.

What solution would you recommend for maintaining part tolerances during a manufacturing run?

AutoComp is ideal for maintaining part tolerances. The AutoComp system automatically adjusts tool offsets based on wear, and can even notify an operator when a tool is in need of replacement.

Is there a better alternative to traditional machine stack lights?

Yes, the CEI SmartLight is an ideal upgrade for existing I/O stack lights. SmartLights are fully programmable and provide a superior means of assessing a machine’s operating status.

Is there a way to reduce the amount of machine down time due to broken tools?

Absolutely. As a machine’s cutting tool wears down it will begin to not cut as effectively. As this happens the machine will have to work harder, thus drawing more power. This power variance can easily be monitored by our TMAC system and alert you that a tool may need to be replaced before it breaks.

Is it possible to automatically pass tool offsets between a tool holder and the pre-setter?

Yes, in fact this is exactly what Tool Connect is designed for. Tool Connect employs RFID tags to transfer offset data between the holder and pre-setter interface.

What does MES stand for?

Manufacturing Execution System – the intermediary between a business system and a manufacturer’s plant floor control equipment.

How does a MES system send information?

Proper MES systems provide real-time dashboard information to all the key persons responsible for the control, management and maintenance of production processes.

What level of tracking does a MES system provide?

MES tracks Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Other systems merely provide data about a machine’s performance, but MES has to provide much more detailed reporting comparing current operations against ideal effectiveness.

How does MES improve cycle time?

MES provides instantaneous feedback to substantially reduce process errors. The most effective machine use is obtained with MES by balancing machine performance optimization with overall task completion time.

What MES support does Newman M2M offer to the purchasing company?

Newman M2M offers full support for MES systems from installation to upgrades. Our support goes beyond the initial installation and integration. Once we have your MES system up and running we will continue to be available for any maintenance, troubleshooting or upgrades you may require.

What kind of detailed analysis can a full-fledged MES system be expected to provide?

A full-fledged MES system can track and record product definitions; perform checks on resource use; provide real-time data on production progress; collect and store information on equipment status; track and trace orders or equipment; and much more! A MES captures enough data so that cost savings can be realized for: labor, scrap, downtime, and retooling.

Can a MES system be implemented in shops with multiple types of machines? How about machines that are not PLC-controlled?

Yes and yes. A MES is able to receive detailed data from all the machines and workstations on the shop floor. The system includes upgrades to “legacy” equipment that is not PLC controlled. This is essential to having a fully integrated MES.

How can the MES system communicate to the business system?

A MES system is able to link in real-time to a business information system using two-way synchronous interchanges. This is essential so that the highest level and best use of the equipment is realized.

Is the MES system scalable?

Yes. The MES expands with the growth of the operation. This means that data can be provided for advanced database use with business intelligence reporting.

What do you look for when trying to qualify a MES vendor firm?

The MES vendor should be able to demonstrate a direct benefit in ROI by improving manufacturing efficiency. In the long run, MES is a time-saving, money-generating solution that starts with an understanding of what is happening at the machine level. Our MES package, MERLIN, achieves this by connecting directly from the shop floor to Microsoft’s Dynamic AX 2012 in a bi-synchronous communication of work orders and respective operational information.

What if I can’t find the M2M solution that is right for me?

You are in luck, because NewmanM2M offers custom software development. Simply fill out our Custom Software Development Form and we will work with you to create a solution perfect for your application.